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CONVY-FOX - Converter & phosphating & clinging & passivating water based

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  • CONVY-FOX is a multifunctional water-based liquid preparation to be applied on iron and steel surfaces before painting:

    1. CONVERTER of the rusted metal surface by depositing an insoluble conversion layer based on tannin compounds. Highly innovative product because, unlike traditional converters, it minimizes the risk that, below the surface conversion layer, residual rust remains which, over time, would inevitably start to corrode the underlying non-oxidized metal. In fact, once dried, the surface conversion layer will be in the form of an easily removable powder (eg: damp cloth), thus determining the removal of converted oxide; after that, one or more coats will be applied again until a compact and non-pulverulent final conversion layer is obtained.


    2. PHOSPHATING of the NON rusted metal surface by depositing a compact layer of insoluble phosphating based on tannin compounds (in this case it will be sufficient to apply a single coat of CONVY-FOX).


    3. AGGRAPPANT : the final compact and insoluble conversion / phosphating layer of black color, presenting a greater surface roughness than the underlying metal surface, will determine a greater specific surface suitable for anchoring the subsequent painting of the metal surface.


    4. PASSIVATING : the final, compact and insoluble black conversion / phosphating layer inhibits the reappearance of oxidation up to 5/6 months after application.