SOLENIS® cleaner safely and effectively remove a variety of contaminants from metal and non-metal items.


They are cleaners safely and effectively remove a variety of contaminants from metal and non-metal items. These contaminants include mineral scales such as calcium carbonates, phosphates and sulfates; hydrated oxides such as iron, copper and nickel oxides; mixed colloids such as iron, organics and silicates; organic deposits and bacterial fouling.

For our retailing Customers we provide DREWCLEAN™ C7345 & DREWCLEAN™ B547 bottled in 1 & 5 Lt. format:

C735 ® 5 lt.

C7345 cleaner is a multifunctional light alkaline, water-based cleaner that is designed for the removal of rust, other oxides, mineral scale, exhaust carbon, light oil and organics from metal and other surfaces.

C7345 can safely clean and brighten common metals. This product is also highly recommended for cleaning non-ferrous metals (such as aluminium and brass) and other substrates (such as paint and coated vinyl floors) wich are sensitive to highly alkaline and/or highly acidic cleaners.

B547 ® 5 lt.

B547 reconditioning agent is a highly effective reconditioning gel to remove mineral scale and metal oxides in all kind of industrial and institutional equipment.


B547 reconditioning agent is part of Ashland's Investment Protection Program focussing on efficient reconditioning that conserve water and energy while protecting health and environment. Gel characteristic makes reconditioning of large fouled surfaces more efficient and safe. Compatible with most construction materials; does not harm rubber-based seals.


It is an advanced cooling water treatments reduce corrosion and scaling in industrial alkaline cooling water systems, even in severely stressed systems with minimal impact to the environment.

Customers who use PERFORMAX™ treatments realize benefits including:


✔️ better corrosion and scaling control

✔️ reduced fouling

✔️ longer equipment life

✔️ greater operational efficiency

These treatments use a patented combination of anodic and cathodic corrosion inhibitors which form a robust film on metal surfaces to provide excellent corrosion protection. The synergistic combination of polymeric dispersants and oxidant-resistant organic phosphonates also provides excellent control of calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and calcium phosphate scales. All PERFORMAX™ products are calcium-tolerant and won't precipitate at high calcium levels. Because PERFORMAX™ products are not destabilized by oxidizing biocides or high temperatures, they provide superior scale control at lower feed rates. They have minimal environmental impact due to their toxicity profiles and inherent biodegradability, and are viable alternatives to conventional cooling water treatments.


SOLENIS® PROTECSOL™ FBX corrosion inhibitors and deposit dispersants are innovative chemistries specifically designed for use during the demanding packaging and heat treatment process to provide a superior end product. The family of PROTECSOL™ FBX products can be used in heat treatment systems, batch or continuous sterilization equipment, and in tunnel pasteurizers utilized in food, beverage and dairy applications. Additionally, PROTECSOL™ FBX corrosion inhibitors and deposit dispersants are approved by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and have G5 approval.

PROTECSOL™ FBX products provide specific solutions for improving:

✔️ corrosion control during and after the heat treatment process

✔️ deposit dispersion

✔️ overall appearance of packaging

✔️ protection of processing equipment from corrosion and deposits

In addition to our corrosion inhibitors and deposit dispersants, SOLENIS™ also offers a range of solutions for preventing the growth of microbes during the cooling process, which is critical to preserving the quality and safety of your packaging, as well as the food inside.

Specific grades of SOLENIS™'s BIOSPERSE™ microbiocides are specially formulated as preservatives that are safe-in-use and provide a long-lasting and cost-effective protection against microbes and biofilm formation.


The SOLENIS® ENVIROPLUS™ family includes a series of multi-functional products formulated with novel blends of organic chemistries; these unique, patented blends contain significantly lower levels of phosphorus than conventional inorganic and organic products.

ENVIROPLUS™ products have minimal impact on the environment due to their favorable toxicity profiles and inherent biodegradability, making them excellent alternatives to conventional products.

ENVIROPLUS™ advanced cooling water treatments significantly reduce corrosion and scaling in industrial and commercial alkaline cooling water systems, even in severely stressed systems.

A combination of anodic and cathodic corrosion inhibitors forms a robust film on metal surfaces that provides excellent corrosion protection without pH control.

In addition, a synergistic combination of polymeric dispersants and oxidant-resistant organic phosphonates provides excellent control of calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and calcium phosphate scales. 

All products in the series are calcium tolerant and will not precipitate at high calcium levels.


The SOLENIS® GENEROX™ utilizes a generator together with activator and oxidizer chemistries to provide a complete, safe and economical solution for producing ClO.

Compared to competitive technologies, the unique reactor design of the GENEROX™ generator delivers significant performance advantages in the areas of safety and monitoring, conversion rates, as well as versatility for use with a variety of acids and concentrations.

The GENEROX™ generator provides customers with a safe, effective and economical way to produce up to 50 kg. of ClO 2 per hour.

Utilizing an innovative, submersible design, the GENEROX™ generator enables the reaction and application of ClO 2 completely under water (e.g., in the cooling tower basin, water tank, etc.).

This helps to alleviate virtually any risk of gas leaks or explosions, and can minimize costs associated with related monitoring equipment.

Additionally, the open reactor design provides for consistent precursor conversion of more than 98%, which can lead to lower chemical consumption (15 to 20% compared to commercial standard) providing customers with improved cost efficiencies.

The GENEROX™ generator can utilize sulfuric acid as an alternative precursor which further improves the potential cost efficiencies by reducing chemical costs, as well as eliminating the need for additional storage and dosing equipment.


SOLENIS® SONOXIDE™ ultrasonic water treatment system is a superior, microbiological control technology.

Effective microbiological control is a critical component of any cooling or process water treatment program; unless controlled, microbiological growth can lead to reduced operating efficiency of cooling systems, high maintenance costs, and system downtime.

SOLENIS® SONOXIDE™ ultrasonic water treatment system is a superior, microbiological control technology.

SONOXIDE™ treatment utilizes safe, patented technology involving the innovative application of ultrasonic energy that is generated at low power and high frequency.

Efficient control of microbiological growth and biological fouling is achieved by continuously circulating system water through the patented ultrasonic treatment device.

The ultrasound stresses bacteria and algae in the water to the point of either destruction or impairment preventing the production of biofilm.

SONOXIDE™ ultrasonic water treatment system provides improved cooling system performance by controlling total bacteria, algae, and biofilm.

Cleaner cooling systems mean better heat transfer efficiency resulting in reduced energy use, reduced system maintenance, and reduced potential for corrosion.


SOLENIS® ONGUARD™ monitoring and control encompasses a variety of technologies designed to provide 24/7 monitoring and surveillance of your water treatment process and applications.

ONGUARD™ systems can run stand-alone or as part of a fully integrated solution:

  • ONGUARD™ Controllers: control chemical feed based on key performance indicators and utilizes pre-programmed algorithms to anticipate system upsets and to implement knowledge-based corrective actions. Provide extraordinary processing power via touch screen and Internet access for the most advanced performance-based control. Capable of controlling multiple systems.

  • ONGUARD™ Analyzers: utilizes patented ultrasound technology to detect scale deposition at level as low as 5 micrometers in self-scaling systems. They also detect biofouling, enabling direct chemical feed adjustment for complete biofouling control

  • ONGUARD™ Control Systems: measure chemical levels and controls chemical feed, ensuring levels remain within specified limits

  • ONGUARD™ Data Management Service: Cloud-based monitoring service securely provides remote, automated monitoring of key operating and performance indicators along with data management and storage for water treatment and process applications

  • ONGUARD™ OnTrax data management software: PC-based data logging and statistical process control software stores, organizes and analyzes critical operational data for process and water treatment applications


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