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(SOLENIS® DREWCLEAN™ C7345 rebottled)
C7345 industrial cleaner is a multifunctional light alkaline, water-based cleaner that is designed for the removal of rust, other oxides, mineral scale, exhaust carbon, light oil and organics from metal and other surfaces.
C7345 can safely clean and brighten common metals.
This product is also highly recommended for cleaning non-ferrous metals (such as aluminium and brass) and other substrates (such as paint and coated vinyl floors) wich are sensitive to highly alkaline and/or highly acidic cleaners.
1 Lt.
€ 15,00+IVA
2 Lt.
€ 28,00+IVA
5 Lt.
€ 60,00+IVA
10 Lt.
€ 110,00+IVA
C7345 maintenance chemical is a blend of sequestering agents, emulsifiers, dispersants and neutralising agents.
The product does not require a neutralising rinse.
This one-step cleaners performes extremely well at room temperature, but use at elevated temperatures of 60-80°C speeds up the cleaning process.
Appearance: clear yellow to colourless liquid
Density: 1140 kg/m3
pH: 8.8
Solubility in water: complete
Freezing Point: <0°C
These data are to be seen as typical values and are not to be considered as specifications.
The actual usage level of C7345 is dependent upon the type of cleaning method, the type and quantity of deposit and/or soil and available cleaning time.
In general, a 5-20% aqueous solution of C7345 provides the required cleaning efficiency.
C7345 has been used effectively for removing deposits from industrial and do-it-yourself equipment.
Wear suitable protective gloves and safety googles.
In case of contact immediately flush with plenty of water.
In case of eye contact, first rinse the eye with plenty of water, then seek medical advice.
Prevent further leakage or spillage if safe to do so.
Use appropriate containment to avoid environmental contamination during handling, storage and disposal.
Dispose of the spent (or not) solution and its container in accordance with the European Directives on waste and hazardous waste.
Do not empty into drains.
Use appropriate containment to avoid environmental contamination.