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B547 reconditioning agent is a highly effective reconditioning gel to remove mineral scale and metal oxides in all kind of industrial and institutional equipment.
B547 reconditioning agent is part of Ashland's Investment Protection Program focussing on efficient reconditioning that conserve water and energy while protecting health and environment.
Gel characteristic makes reconditioning of large fouled surfaces more efficient and safe.
Compatible with most construction materials; does not harm rubber-based seals.
Increased equipment life-time.
Reconditioned equipment requires less water and energy, thus reducing emissions of harmful greenhouse gases.
1 Lt.
€ 13,50+VAT
2 Lt.
€ 25,00+VAT
5 Lt.
€ 57,50+VAT
10 Lt.
€ 105,00+VAT
The Investment Protection Program respects nature.
By consistently thinking and acting green, Ashland's reconditioning agents minimize the environmental impact and better preserve the natural beauty of this planet for generations to come.
B547 reconditioning agent is easy biodegradable (NEN norm 1899-1, full product).
No exposure tests were performed during the development of this product.
The environmental impact depends on what has to be cleaned.
The used reconditioned volume may be classified as environmentally hazardous waste.
Such waste must be managed in accordance with the European Directives on waste and hazardous waste disposal.
The product itself does not constitute environmentally hazardous waste, and as such reduces the amount of waste handling and optimize the overall disposal cost.
B547 reconditioning agent can be applied as a coating 1-3 mm thick by brushing or sprayng.
The product consumption will be 1-3 Lt./m2.
Stir the product prior to use.
The recommended contact time is between 30 minutes and 2 hours, depending upon the severity of fouling.
After this cleaning time, the gel can be washed off with warm or hot water (40-60°C), or with high pressure equipment.